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Aug 11, 2013 8:00am EDT
them visas to the u.s. now comes obama's cancellation of their meeting in moscow next month. the white house cited a lack of progress on issues from missile defense to trade, to global security and human rights. then of course, there is the snowden question. president obama said he was disappointed by the russian asylum decision and less like he added -- >> there have been times when they slip back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. what i consistently say to president putin is that is the past. we've got to think about the future. >> i think putin has deliberately decided to poke obama in the eye. even before snowden, this was not a happy relationship. maybe something went wrong when they met at the g-8 summit. this has been a deliberate act decided by the kremlin. do not believe any of the russian stuff about low-level officials have taken the decision. >> his election campaign last year was marked by a series of mass protests in moscow and other major cities. his reaction, according to human rights watch, was to introduce curbs on public demonstrations and a wider defi
Aug 24, 2013 5:05am EDT
science and research and data to back this up, and that's why many, many medical doctors use this in their practice. that's why, um, dr. manilasco, the florida cardiologists for three years, he was the president... he has hundreds of himself is a patient of the product. he said, "ken, i've never had a product that works lik omega 3, which is a foundation, very important product for an individual to take. so it's a very unique product. >> dorothy: it is. >> one-of-a-kind. >> now, dr. downey, welcome to club 36, and i wan now, heart, for example, as you were talking, ken, the heart... there's so many people who die of heart attacks. >> the omega xl, the oil that's the ingredient in omega xl, cause of all the things that we develop with aging and that cause pain is inflammation. so the whole, the whole purpos of that product is to decreaseae reverse the effects of aging and pain to my patients, many of whom ar. uh, inflammation is the tendency of the body but occasionally the inflammation goes uncontrolled and it becomes chronic inflammation, and with chronic inflammation you ha
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)